The Coal Mine Sound Takeover was a smashing success. we had the honor of hosting a trio of colorado’s heaviest hitters, including ATEK, PRANA, and P E R S Y. local legend QUBIT held it down for local support.

what really blew me away was the early crowd & quality of the sound. snakeblood worked many long days and nights to refinish phase 2 of the hi-fi. he promised more beef, and let me tell you, he delivered. once again, bottles were shimmying to the ground like quarters in a coin pusher.

crowd was top tier. the energy in the room was palpable. performances exceeded my high expectations, with sets that won’t soon be forgotten. truly a proud moment for our community.

i have to give a shoutout to everyone who made this event possible. we work hard to provide quality sound system experiences, and I couldn’t be more grateful for everyones support and dedication.

look out for our next event on 3/25.

i hope to see you all there!

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